How To: Speech to Text Adding an 'Oh' Before Every Comma? Here's the Fix

Speech to Text Adding an 'Oh' Before Every Comma? Here's the Fix

Many users have reported Android's speech-to-text feature adding an 'Oh' before each comma. How annoying is that? Fortunately, Reddit user Jay-jay1 has found a solution to this pesky problem. This quick-fix should make your 'Oh' so annoying problem disappear.

If every time you dictate a comma to your phone (e.g., "thanks comma I'll be there in a minute"), the word "Oh" is mysteriously added in before the comma (e.g., "thanks Oh, I'll be there in a minute"), this guide's for you.

Android is not perfect and you can see that in some of the small bugs we find. Fortunately, when we find these bugs, there are often quick solutions that fix the issue. The speech to text "Oh" bug is one such case where a single step can make it go away. You can try all the setting changes you want, but only one will fix this bug.

Fixing the Oh/Comma Bug

Open your Settings app, then tap the search field at the top of the screen. Type in "Language & input," then select the top result. Here, find and tap on your keyboard of choice, ours is Gboard.

Now in your keyboard settings, select "Voice typing." If you're not using Gboard, this setting could be under a different name. But check the options until you find a menu that offers settings for the voice typing or speech to text feature in your keyboard.

Once inside the voice settings page, tap on "Languages." When the language dialog pops up, find and select "English (Generic)." You can keep your regional English setting enabled (e.g., English - US), just make sure the generic English language is enabled as well. When you're done there, press the "Save" button.

Now, test out your new and improved, oh-so-bug-free speech to text. You'll find the oh-before-a-comma bug is no longer.

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_uhm, no, not a fix. Did this, still doing 'oh'

NOPE!!! You would think some idiot would have tested this before it made its way into a full article. This doesn't work.

I have the new Fold3 Galaxy phone. My keyboards are set to US English and have been for some time, but I got the "random oh, issue" even today.

Hi Jim, See my message above, but try this: If you pause after the first part of the sentence, and then say "comma" as you begin the rest of the sentence, it adds an "oh," Let me know if that is it.

I think I might have figured out the glitch on this. It's been driving me insane and has gotten worse lately, even with the latest Galaxy S21. Test it out for yourself. Unfortunately it's more of a personal dictation change - and how it relates to a voice to text glitch that interprets a pause, then a comma, as "oh," .... I say unfortunately because dictation habits are hard to change. I bet you are similar to me in how we dictate. Anyway, testing out the same sentence like 20 times, I found out that I was able to reproduce the oh, by pausing after the break in the sentence, and then adding the comma as I continued with the rest of the sentence. Try it and let me know. The changing to English language thing did not work for me.

Perfect fix! Don't know why it didn't work for poster above - worked great for me. This has annoyed me for a couple years. Thanks!

Did not work for me on the Samsung S8.

When I initially changed the setting, it did not insert the "oh" for about a month. Now we are back to square one where I painstakingly have to go back and erase all the "oh's" before every comma. What gives? I checked and rechecked settings and nothing has changed from when I previously changed it and added the generic English.

I'm not sure if this matters, but I selected "English (Generic), unselected "English (US)," and then REselected "English (US)," so that the generic was listed as the default. So far, so good.

I don't have an English (Generic) option, only US, UK, AU. So this didn't help.

Nope, try again

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and I use the swift keyboard.

A couple years ago after an update I started to get "oh" added into my voice to text sentences. I didn't notice that it was inserted before a comma, but now that you mention it...

It also started messing with pronouns. I will say "her" or "him" and it will come out as "you" or I will say "you" and it will come out "she."

I tried your fix but I do not have a generic English selection. I have Australia, Canada, UK and the US.

I tried the fix using the Samsung keyboard and it did not help either. Again, no generic English selection.

I managed to find the "generic English."

  1. Go to your settings
  2. Find General management
  3. Find language and input
  4. Pick on-screen keyboard
  5. Select Google voice typing
  6. Click on languages
  7. Locate English generic

I don't know if this will fix the issue of "oh" being inserted or random pronouns showing up. I'll make another reply after trying this out for a while.

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