How To: This Setting Makes It So Much Easier to See Notifications on Your Galaxy

This Setting Makes It So Much Easier to See Notifications on Your Galaxy

Phones are getting bigger and taller, so it's increasingly harder to reach the notification tray. But Samsung is here to the rescue, as they've introduced into One UI for Galaxy devices a gesture that makes it easy to access the notification drawer on your home screen.

On your Galaxy S8, S9, S10 or Galaxy Note 8, Note 9, or Note 10, you no longer have to stretch your thumb to the top of the screen or use two hands to access the notification tray. You can be a one-handed Galaxy wizard with this simple gesture that makes navigating to your notification drawer as easy as swiping down. Swoosh.

Enabling Swipe Down for Notification Panel

Long press any empty space on your home screen, then choose "Home screen settings." From here, find and toggle on "Swipe down for notification panel."

With this toggled on, when you are on the home screen, you can quickly swipe down for the notification tray to be lowered by a gesture. To be clear, this only works on the default home screen. If you are using a custom launcher, you will find they usually have their own version of this gesture.

Image by Spencer Depas/Gadget Hacks

It's also worth noting this will not work on the Bixby page on the leftmost home screen. It will not work when you are in your app drawer or when you are in other apps. So it doesn't work everywhere, but it's still quite handy!

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Cover image and screenshots by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

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