How To: Send & Receive Texts from Your Android Using Apple Messages on Your Mac

Send & Receive Texts from Your Android Using Apple Messages on Your Mac

If you're a Mac user with an Android phone, some apps on your computer aren't very useful, such as Messages, which is meant to work and sync with iOS devices. But now, thanks to MDRS, LLC, using the Messages app on your Mac with an Android phone is now possible and easily achievable. Plus, we've got 50 promo codes to give away for a free year of service!

Step 1: Install SMS Integration with iChat

SMS Integration with iChat for Android is different than apps like MightyText and Pushbullet since it provides native integration with Mac OS X, which means you'll get all of your SMS texts from Android in the Messages app on your Mac, and you'll be able to reply to them from either platform.

The app is free to install and use, but you're limited to only 5 messages a day. To unlock the full version, there's an in-app purchase for $12.99/year, a pretty reasonable price if you're going to be chatting from your Mac a lot.

Step 2: Create Your Account

In order to function properly with Messages, the application requires you to create a unique SMS Integration for Messages account that will be able to be added to the Messages app. To do so, simply open the app and follow the two-step prompt.

Step 3: Set It Up on Messages

Now, in the Messages app on your Mac, select "Add Account."

When you're selecting the type of account, choose "Other messages account," then hit "Continue."

For the account type, enter "Jabber," then input the account name and password you created in the SMS Integration app. Leave the Server and Port options blank, then click "Create."

Step 4: Start Chatting

Since the app syncs the information on your Android device, you're able to draft a Message and input a contact you have on your phone. Additionally, if you have a contact image, Messages will include that as well.

To see if you're indeed connected, the Messages app will show that the Jabber account is "Available."

Is This Safe & Secure?

Indeed it is. Though you may get a notification that states the servers do not match, it is only due to the fact that the developer is using the server from his other application, Textber.

He's working on cleaning up this issue and also confided to Gadget Hacks that security is a top priority and that "all communication between the computer, servers, and user's phone is encrypted, and we do NOT collect any personal data from the users."

UPDATE: Certificate mismatch issue has been resolved!

While chatting with the developer, he also stated that they're working on MMS and Group Chat support, so look forward to that in the future. However, note that this will not work with Apple's native iMessages—only text messages.

App Giveaway: Comment/Subscribe for a Free Year of Service

While $12.99/year for service is reasonable, the developer has provided Gadget Hacks with 50 promo codes that are good for a free year of service. To win one, simply comment below, letting us know what Android device you plan to use SMS Integration with, and follow us on Twitter at either @GadgetHax, @AndroidHacksCom, or @AppleHacksCom.

UPDATE: The giveaway is now over, but if this functionality is useful to you, definitely think about making the purchase.

Once you've commented and followed, we'll shoot you a private message with your promo code. Once received, simply open the SMS Integration app, choose the "Subscribe" option, and enter the code.

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We appreciate that! PM with promo code is on the way.

I was looking for this for a long time!

My device is a LG G2 and I hope I can win this! Amazing guys!

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Can you help with whatsapp hack without physical access to the phone

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Hi there, Faisal! There are two awesome techie gals here waiting for giveaway codes, if you get a moment in the next few days. Myself and user Jeanette Folkes anxiously await a spot in the 50 person code list! Thanks a bunch.

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the only one i can find that actually works

Is the code still available ?

Works great, I am using my Galaxy S6. Any more codes up for grabs?

Im using the Galaxy s6 too! How can I obtain a code? and does this promo code provide a discount? And my final question is how do I actually buy the app feature of texting from my mac unlimited amount of times?

The codes were for an old promotion, and there are no longer any to give out. Sorry. All purchases can be made in the app on your Android phone.

I would be using this on my LG G3 so i can sms my fiance to check up on our son without needing to get my phone out of my pocket while at uni

Hi there! Would love to get a promo code!!! PLEASE :) :) :)

Hi I would love a promo code , please i would like to use my galaxy s 7 thank you

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i plan on using this app with my Note 8 and my macbook pro. Also followed all 3 twitter accounts.

I use a Samsung 7, please send me the code so I can use on my first macbook... TY.

Really excited to see just how well this works. Looking forward for the promocode!

New Samsung S9+ - Very excited to see how I can message using my Mac as I could with my iPhone. Thanks for the info, great site!

I am using macbookpro mac OS Mojave Version 10.14.6 (18G3020)
I am using messages Version 12.0 (5500)

When I click on messages I am not able to get the "Add an Account" drop down item.

What to do?

Hey I'm considering doing this, but I need to know if the app works with videos or not

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