How To: Remove the Smart Home Toggles from Android 11's Power Menu

Remove the Smart Home Toggles from Android 11's Power Menu

Android 11 has a new power menu. When you long-press the power button to shut down or restart your device, you'll see the usual buttons in addition to payment cards and a set of toggles for any smart home devices you've added to Google Home. It's a cool feature, but it does make the menu pretty cluttered.

While the smart home toggles do make it easier for us to control our many devices, reducing their management to a few touches can (and will) lead to accidentally presses. The toggles also make the power menu crowded, especially if you multiple smart devices such as lights and speakers. Fortunately, you can turn it off.

Removing the Smart Home Toggles

To remove the toggles, open your Settings app, scroll down, and go to "System." From there, select "Gestures," then "Power Menu." Finally, choose "Device Controls" and disable the toggle next to "Show device controls."

If you use Google Pay, your cards will still appear here, but it's just as easy to remove them. Without the toggles or cards, you'll see a large black area beneath the power buttons. Hopefully, third-party developers will be able to repurpose this area or bring back the old power menu. We'll be on the lookout until then.

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