How To: Remove the 30 FPS Cap for Black Desert Mobile on Android

Remove the 30 FPS Cap for Black Desert Mobile on Android

Black Desert Mobile is one of the hottest new smartphone games around, but there seems to be something missing in the frame rate department. Gamers quickly noticed many Android phones are stuck on a 30 FPS cap when it comes to performance. It's not that the phones are too weak to handle higher frame rates, but that there is a particular list of approved devices that can achieve this.

Luckily for us, the modding community has our backs. Toni Moon discovered a simple little Magisk module that will spoof your phone into looking like a Samsung Galaxy S10. Since the S10 is one of the few approved devices, you get instant access to higher frame rates.

It's also important to keep in mind that there's a reason why an approved list of devices exists in the first place. Those specific devices have been tested and work well with the higher frame rate mode. The mod was made for Xiaomi devices, but should theoretically work on a variety of phones. There's only one way to find out if it'll work on your device — you'll have to try it for yourself.


Step 1: Download the Magisk Module

The required spoofing mod will edit a manifest file on your device without making any permanent changes to your system, but it's not on the Magisk repo. So hit up the link below and save the file to the "Download" folder on your phone.

Step 2: Install the Magisk Module

Since you had to download the module from an external link, you'll need to install the file manually as well. Open up the Magisk Manager app to the main screen, hit the menu on the left, go to "Modules," then hit the plus sign button at the bottom.

Locate the module you downloaded from the previous step (remember, it should be in your "Download" folder), then tap the file once to start the install process. Press the volume down button to confirm the first message, then press the volume up button after that to confirm installation. Once finished, hit "Reboot" to finalize your work.

Step 3: Test Out Your New Unlocked Frame Rate

Once you get back from the reboot, go ahead and open up Black Desert Mobile like you would typically do to get started. Once in the game, open your main menu, then go to the "Settings" section. View the "Graphics" tab, then you should see three options under the "Frame Limit" section. If the module worked on your device, the "Max Settings" option on the right should be unlocked now.

You can now also increase the game resolution to "Max Settings" as well. Nice!

After you pick this option, your game will immediately be rendered with a higher frame rate based on your device specs. You will either have a new frame rate limit of 45 or 60 FPS, so your mileage may vary. Anything above 30 FPS will bring a much smoother and more noticeable difference to your gameplay, so it's a win-win either way. Enjoy!

Final Note

Since this is a basic spoofing mod that works systemelssly through Magisk, all you need to do is remove the module to put things back to normal. Open the Magisk Manager app to the main screen, hit the menu on the left, then tap "Modules." Locate the "BDM Unlock Ultra and 60 FPS" module on the list then hit the trash bin icon. Reboot your device, then it will be removed from your system.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Stephen Perkins/Gadget Hacks

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