How To: Prank Your Friends with Random Cat Facts Text Messages

Prank Your Friends with Random Cat Facts Text Messages

It's time to enjoy one of America's longest lasting favorite pastimes. No, not baseball—pranking our friends! With the internet currently overrun with countless pictures and memes of cats, there's no way for your feline-hating friends to surf the web without coming across a kitten or two. But things can get worse for them. Way worse...

By using the CatFacts app for Android from developer Kyle Venn, you'll be able to schedule random cat facts to be sent to your friends via text message, leaving them no place to hide from those "cute" kitties.

Venn started working on CatFacts after he saw a post on Reddit about a person who pranked their cousin with cat facts when that cousin posted their phone number on Facebook. He thought "it would be a fun side project to try and automate the process and make it entirely anonymous." Well, it's also fun as an app, so kudos.

How to Make Your Friends Feline Experts

When you open up CatFacts on your Android phone, you have the option of sending from an anonymous number or your own. The anonymous method is limited to only 5 facts, but in-app purchases are available to remove ads and get more facts.

To use CatFacts, just add a contact, set the total amount of facts that will be sent, then select the time interval, which has to be at least thirty minutes. Be aware: it will only send one fact at a time.

Tap the CatFact profile to view activity, such as the number of facts sent as well as your catversations with contacts.

The first message they receive makes it seem as if they unknowingly signed up for cat facts to be sent to them. At this point, if the number is unknown, they're like to report the number as spam and block it, but some will actually wait it out to see what happens.

You can always use your own number and have unlimited facts—just send them to someone who doesn't know your number. And in the off chance that you're a cat lover, you can probably send yourself some cat facts, but that kind of kills the fun of this app, doesn't it?

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