How To: Master Pokémon & Win Every Game Using Your Android

Master Pokémon & Win Every Game Using Your Android

Saying that I was obsessed with Pokémon as a child would be a serious understatement, and even though I'm not the Pokémon fanatic I once was doesn't mean I don't love playing still. However, I do often find myself dumbfounded by all of the new features and characters in each generation.

To help my fellow Pokémon trainers out there, I've compiled a list below of four of my favorite free Android apps that have helped me step up my game and kick some serious ass. Hopefully, you'll step up your game, too.

1. Battle Trainer for Pokemon

Battle Trainer will help any aspiring trainer learn which moves deal the most damage to a certain Pokémon type. But instead of just reading and trying to memorize a list, this app helps you learn through a quiz-type game. The quiz style can be customized from the Settings menu, so be sure to tailor it to your specific needs.

2. Breeding Guide Pokémon's World

While a real Pokédex does not exist, Breeding Guide Pokémon's World does a damn good job emulating one. With this app, you'll be able to look up any Pokémon and immediately get a detailed list of its type-effectiveness, spawn locations, move learnset, and evolution tree. And don't worry about information being outdated, as the app lists the differences between each generation, so you'll have the most up-to-date information possible.

3. PokeBreeding Helper

One of the biggest factors in creating a perfect team is getting Pokémon with the best IV, or "individual values." For those of you out of the loop, IVs are hidden stats that every Pokémon is "born" with. The values vary from Pokémon to Pokémon, but if you breed them in the daycare center, you can create a Pokémon Egg with the the stats you need. This can be a very complicated process, but PokeBreeding Helper makes it much easier, allowing you to input all your "parent" Pokémon, then see which combination has the highest chance of giving you your desired egg.

4. Pokémon TV

Last up we have Pokémon TV, which won't necessarily help you when battling, but it can definitely help to relive those childhood Saturday mornings. The app does not give you access to the entire series, but a majority of the episodes from each season are available for you to watch at any time.

Hopefully, with these tools, you'll finally able to take on any challenger that comes your way!

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