Magisk 101: How to Install Magisk Modules from the Repo or Third-Party Sources

How to Install Magisk Modules from the Repo or Third-Party Sources

Much like Xposed or Cydia, Magisk has an official repository that makes it easy to download root-level tweaks. These tweaks are called modules, and they can do anything from changing your emojis to installing high-level audio mods. But as it stands, a large number of Magisk modules are not hosted on the official repo just yet, so there are two primary ways to install them.

The first method is to install modules from the official Magisk repository. It's a simple and straightforward process, so we'll outline it briefly below. But the second method is a little more obscure. To install unofficial modules, you'll first have to find a good download source, and then you'll have to load them up in the Magisk Manager app. But once you've mastered both methods, you'll have the full arsenal of Magisk modules at your disposal, so let's see how it's done.

Method 1: Installing Modules from the Official Magisk Repo

Installing modules from the official Magisk repo is easy. Start by heading to the Download section in your Magisk Manager app, then either browse through the list, or use the search function to find something specific. When you see an interesting module, you can tap its name to get a full overview card that explains what you can expect if you install it.

If you like what you see, just tap the download icon next to the module's name in the list. From there, press "Install" on the popup, then the module will be installed automatically. When the script finishes processing, just tap the "Reboot" button at the bottom of the screen to activate the module and finalize your work.

Method 2: Installing Unofficial Modules

If you can't find the perfect module on the official Magisk repo, you might have better luck with an unofficial module. The only difference with unofficial modules is that they're not hosted on the Magisk repo.

The best place to find unofficial modules is on the XDA forums. More specifically, a thread by XDA member yochananmarqos has links to all known modules out there. So head to the thread at the link below, then scroll down to the "Other modules" section to find all of the unofficial goodies. When you see one you like, simply tap the link to download the module, which will come in the form of a ZIP file.

Next, open the Magisk Manager app, then head to the Modules section in the side navigation menu. From there, tap the big yellow + button at the bottom of the screen.

At this point, you'll be prompted to select a module using your phone's built-in file picker. So find your Downloads folder, then long-press the ZIP file you downloaded from XDA. Next, tap "Open," then press "Install" on the popup to get things going. When it's done, just tap "Reboot" to wrap things up.

Uninstalling Modules

In the future, if you want to uninstall one of these modules, it's really simple. Just head to the Modules section in your Magisk Manager app, then tap the trash can icon next to the module you want to remove. From there, just reboot your phone and it'll be gone for good. Simple as that!

What are some of the best unofficial Magisk modules that you've found from browsing the XDA forums? Tell us all about them in the comment section below.

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