How To: This Live Wallpaper Uses Ocean Water Levels to Display Your Android's Battery Life

This Live Wallpaper Uses Ocean Water Levels to Display Your Android's Battery Life

Live wallpapers, like the classic Mario-themed one we previously covered, is a great way to spruce up your device and get some simple amusement. Unfortunately, they also drain more battery than conventional wallpapers. Which brings me to ASUS LiveOcean.

With their ocean-themed live wallpaper, ASUS is at least trying to be considerate when it comes to battery consumption. The water level actually reflects the battery level on your Android device, so when your battery's power is reduced, so is the ocean's water level.

Step 1: Install LiveOcean

Go ahead and install ASUS LiveOcean(Live wallpaper) for free from the Google Play Store, which requires a device running Android 4.1 or higher.

Step 2: Set Up Your Ocean

Before applying the new live wallpaper, you may want to give the settings a quick look-over. Within the MyOcean Settings, you will be able to edit the "Day-night mode" or designate the water animation to tilt along with the device.

Also included in this menu is a previous ASUS live wallpaper called ASUS LiveWater, which includes various water animations and the ability to set your own image as the background.

Step 3: Apply & Enjoy

Once you make your preferred changes and apply the wallpaper, you'll notice the water level will fluctuate depending on the current battery level of the device. And if you toggled on "Driving wheel mode," you'll be able to shift the water level by tilting your device.

Not only is the wallpaper free, it shows your current battery level in a creative way, so try it out and let us know what you think. Also, make sure to follow Gadget Hacks on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to see more cool Android apps like this one.

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