How To: Keep from Running into Things When Walking & Using Your Phone

Keep from Running into Things When Walking & Using Your Phone

We have all seen videos of people walking off of platforms and into street signs because they were too distracted by their phones to pay attention. This has become such a problem that cities have even considered fining pedestrians for texting and walking.

Even though I find those fail video hilarious, I was still happy to see that there are plenty of mobile apps out there that help keep the public safe while texting and walking. And new to the scene is Iris, by developer Nyomi Apps, which activates your Android's rear camera and displays a live feed overlaid on top of your screen. The live feed is displayed over your app with a lower opacity and does not respond to your touches, so it will not interfere with normal app functions.

Step 1: Join the Beta Community & Install Iris

Before you can actually install the app, you'll need to join the Google+ community for Iris. Once you have joined, you will be able to install the app from the Google Play Store after selecting the "Become a Tester" option.

Step 2: Set Up Iris

The first time you open the app, you'll need to set up the size and opacity of the camera overlay. Drag the slider to change the opacity, and if you'd rather have a smaller overlay, drag the Camera Barrier up or down the screen.

To readjust these settings, simply open the app, or makes changes through Iris's ongoing notification. To exit from the app, just hit the X icon on the app's notification.

Iris Pro

If you like the app, and can't wait for more features, the developer has also included a Pro version for $0.99, allowing you to add visibility filters to the overlay and also turn it into a floating window that can be placed anywhere on your screen. To purchase this upgrade, tap the Pro icon under the More button on the app's notification.

Did this app save you from going viral in a new fail video? Let me know your experience with Iris in the comments below.

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