How To: Install Spotify Lite in the US

Install Spotify Lite in the US

To make its services more accessible to regions with limited bandwidth, Spotify has rolled out with a leaner, stripped down version of its music streaming app. The aptly named Spotify Lite has been released for Android devices in 36 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, but you can try out the app right now thanks to a simple workaround.

With an average file size of 108 MB, Spotify can put a sizable dent in your Android's internal storage and system processes, which can grow exponentially if you're big into downloading media for offline use. Compared to that, Spotify Lite not only boasts a significantly smaller size of around 10.7 MB, it's also been optimized for smooth performance regardless of how fast or slow your cellular data may be.

Beyond that, Spotify Lite can be used by itself, or alongside the regular Spotify app to get the best streaming experience possible. The app will work on Android phones running on 4.3 and up, and it comes with extra features such as the ability to set a monthly limit on cellular data use to ensure you never get charged overage fees.

Unfortunately, Spotify Lite has yet to officially touch down stateside, and there's no word as to when it'll arrive in the US — if ever. That said, there are ways around this barrier to get your hands on the app right now.

Installing Spotify Lite in the US & Other Regions

Of course, you can spoof Google Play into thinking you're located in one of the countries the app is available in (like Canada, Brazil, Kuwait, the Philippines, and so on) to get your hands on Spotify Lite. But the process is pretty tedious and requires an external VPN app to pull off.

To make life easier, we recommend sideloading Spotify Lite using your go-to browser via the link provided below. Just be sure to have Unknown Sources enabled, then head to the link below and tap "Download APK."

Once you have Spotify Lite's APK on hand, simply open the file from your notification tray, then tap "Install" when prompted. From there, either sign in using your Spotify login, or create an account and pick your favorite artists on the following page to generate customized playlists. You're free to listen to your music of choice afterward.

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