How To: Install Facebook Messenger Lite in Any Country to Save Battery While Boosting Performance

Install Facebook Messenger Lite in Any Country to Save Battery While Boosting Performance

In an effort to make its services more accessible to users who live in developing countries, Facebook has released a streamlined version of its messenger app. Messenger Lite, at less than 5 MB, is much smaller than its regular 25 MB counterpart and was developed for use on older and lower-end phones.

While mainly targeted at people that live in areas with slow and spotty bandwidth, Messenger Lite still has a few benefits that anyone would enjoy. The app offers a simplified interface compared to the full Facebook Messenger, and its efficiency can help with battery life and performance even if you have a flagship device.

Unfortunately, Messenger Lite is only officially available in countries where internet service is far from developed, like Vietnam and Nigeria, where smartphone users pay a premium for basic data plans. All is not lost, however, as there is a way to get Messenger Lite in the any country and greatly improve your overall experience with Facebook messaging.

Installing Facebook Messenger Lite

As of now, the only way to get Messenger Lite stateside is by sideloading the APK. So first, make sure to enable "Unknown Sources" in Settings, then grab the latest version from the following link. From there, launch the APK from your notification tray or with any file browser, then press "Install" when prompted, and you'll be all set to try it out.

Once you have it installed, simply open the app, log in to your new decluttered messaging app, and enjoy! Some features from the full Messenger app are missing, like Chat Heads and GIF support, but it's considerably faster and more resource-friendly, so the tradeoff is more than fair.

How much faster is Messenger Lite compared to the original Messenger? Share your opinions by leaving a comment down below.

Cover image and screenshots by Amboy Manalo/Gadget Hacks

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