How To: Give Your Kids Video Proof That Santa Really Exists with This Awesome App

Give Your Kids Video Proof That Santa Really Exists with This Awesome App

Have you been caught eating the cookies that were left for Santa? That's easy to explain, but what do you do when the doubt begins to rise in your child, rendering them dubious about the authenticity of everyone's favorite childhood lie?

It's actually quite easy. Just download an app. By now, everyone knows about popular Santa Clause applications, like the Google Santa Tracker, but this is different. It's visual proof that'll keep your kids believing just a little longer.

Download the App

Capture a quick video of Santa in your house and easily keep perpetuating this great lie with nearly undeniable proof, by downloading Kringl - Proof of Santa App.

The Easy Process

There are just four simple steps:

  1. Pick a scene (how will Santa be interacting and positioned?)
  2. Crop accordingly
  3. Scale Santa's brightness, so he can match your lighting
  4. Stay real still and record

How could you deny that? Maybe I could have made the scene a little better, but I'm sure you'll be much better. Enjoy making those little eyes light up with disbelief as you reassure them that this home-invader really does exist!

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