How To: Get Spotify Premium Features on Android Without Paying a Dime

Get Spotify Premium Features on Android Without Paying a Dime

When you think of an online music service nowadays, Spotify is probably near the first that come to mind, and for good reason. Being able to create, share, and take all of your playlists anywhere, across all of your devices, is something that I couldn't live without. Unfortunately, nothing this good is free, and with Spotify Premium, users of their free service are left with very limited features when streaming on their mobile devices.

There have always been ways to bypass these restrictions, but most of those required root access or the use of the Xposed Framework, which can be a deal breaker for some, or a non-option for those running Android Lollipop.

Luckily, developer Lucas Picchi has modified the original Spotify app to open up unlimited skips and track specific playback for everyone (i.e., those without a paid subscription). This app is based off Spotify version, and Picchi has even created a version for those of you still stuck on Gingerbread.

Step 1: Install the Modified App

Since this is a modified app, it cannot be hosted on the Google Play Store, so you'll need to download the APK that is compatible with your Android version from one of the links below. Before doing so, make sure that you've allowed for app installation from "Unknown sources".

Before installing the app, make sure to uninstall the official Spotify app on your device if you have it installed. Then, just hit the "Download complete" notification to install the modified version.

Step 2: Login & Enjoy

With the app open, you'll need to log in. The modified version cannot use the Facebook login option, so you will need to enter your Spotify credentials in order to sign in.

Once the app loads to the main menu, you will be all set to go. Premium features, like selecting specific tracks to play and unlimited skips are enabled by default, but you will unfortunately still have to pay in order to increase audio quality.

Keep in mind that this app cannot be updated through the Play Store, so be sure to check back for future releases and updates! And let us know how the app is working for you in the comments below, or let us know on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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Are the ads turned off with this apk?

Nop, and extreme streaming quality not cracked too, skips only...

Does anyone know if there is fully working modified ver if this APK?

Is the linked apk not installing?

When i try to install it it says link not found.??

I have the same pro..Please what can I do. .Li not found..

Yes it installed just fine....I just skip a few songs and I get an ad...=(

Yeah those are bound to pop up every once in a while.

Thanks for the post. Do you think that is apt will ever to updated to add no ads and extreme streaming?

the app is working as it should and i skipped about 150 songs and no add - still no add.

but i can't connect via internet to pc. Keep up the good work man :)

Are you trying to use your phone as a remote to control your desktop Spotify app?

is there a version where we can download songs. which we can listen offline?

Nope. Only your local music can be heard offline without a premium account.

I don't really care for an occasional ad. All I really want to know is if you can sync to listen offline.

No that still requires a premium account.

Oh my god... Thank you very much.. saved my bucks

Omg,thank you so much !!!!!

How do i know this is not a virus

At first ,I wanna thanks for this great method .i used to be this app from 1 month ago but now i have a strange problem with it.recently when i log on to the app,it says "you are offline" and suddenly it comes out of my account .now what can i do for it????

The music stops on its own. The music continues to play but the audio stops.

Is there a mod for version, because this apk has some issues.

I'm waiting for a new version to be released. I'll update once I have a newer apk.

I did exactly as you said, not a single change, xperia z2

This is so good! Thank you so much!
Offline Availability would be great but this is amazing as it is!

Also, any possibility to deactivate the old Facebook account linked to Spotify already and linking the new one I made (after installing this version) to my Fb account again?

Anyways.. Great work man! Thanks heaps again!

I downloaded Mega but now what??

Did you download the spotify apk?

yes I downloaded spotify but I listen to youtube usually.

Is there a mod for version

Great man. But I want to ask If this app can´t damage the phone.

It's not allowing me to listen offline :(

ok, what are we supposed to do after downloading mega?? the "completed" icon does nothing for me...

on my sony z1compact works offline mode can download my music and playlists in extreme mode, unlimited skips no ads but on my wifes samsung s3 only have unlimited skips no offline no downloads and still have ads

can it be:

File does not exist on this server about the new Spotify Version Mod?

Thanks, currently using on fire tv, works lovely.

Offline mode wont work. 4/5 great work!

Any updats to make it work as a remote for another device?

I´ve installed app for 2.3 version and I have also extreme quality mode.

Hello. Do you still have a copy of that 2.3 version to share? Much thanks!

UPDATE: Used a different browser (other than explorer) and download worked! Thanks for the file, much appreciated

Search feature not working... anyone else having this issue?

WORKS REALL GREAT! Thank you! After 2 years of paying 12.99€ to spotify, now using this!

Hey Guys. from Portugal.
Is it possible download the playlist that we created?
Thanks in advance
And what a job u maked!

This doesn't allow for offline playback, sorry.

Hey Andrew, the modified app's version is where the original app is at
Do you know if/where the developer will post the lastest modified version?
Thanks in advance

You're awesome man. Thanks a million for this apk. Best ever

Looks like the link is gone. Could you re-upload it? Thanks.

It took me a long time to come back at you, but thanks man! Still wondering: where do you find the updates? As in: could you share the source if possible.

Once again, thanks a lot

Where is the "Search" button? Mine gone

There is no search option in the side drawer?

Thanks man, works fine.
You the man
Like everyone else said, it would be nice to see the option to listen offline

Facebook login on any device, to access spotify on your computer and go into account and define device password and use your device's user name is a number, and only log into the device. Thanks , good job.

The link for the updated is not working

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

works thanks

How do i get spotify premium free to work on my Sonos 5. It's keeps saying I need to upgrade to premium

Hey guys, does this work for iPhone 6 plus?
I really have hard time doing this

Follewed instructions exactly and have 5.0 android. When it gets to the do you have mega question and I hit ok nothing happens.

How do I get the installation I have the app

Are you installing the APK from your Downloads folder?

I'm having problems with the mega app, I have it installed but it won't download the link at all. Could really use some help.

After installing the app did you create an account and have the app up and running before clicking the link in the guide?

Best ever! Very simple to install, awesome job! Thanks so much!

I tried downloading the APK that's provided, but it keeps taking me to install mega? I've tried using chrome and explorer and both takes me to install mega? how do I download the APK without having to download mega or do I have to install mega in order to download the APK

If you are on mobile you have to use MEGA to download the APK.

G'day Andrew,
Will this article be updated any time soon?

The link no longer works, as others have noted, and I'm wondering if this article is still relevant and just needs updating, or is outdated, and needs to be removed?


every time i download the apk file from the link it sends me to mega app and then it says in it ERRO FILE LINK NOT FOUND can you help me plz? i use 1+1 phone

thank you so much! it works now!

Is this safe. Lookout keeps telling me not to install.

It may be saying it is unsafe because it is a modified APK. I have used it for a while now and so far nothing has gone wrong, but use it as your own risk.

The dev that was making this mod has his thread taken down on XDA. I will update this guide with new links as soon as it is available.

file was removed on 4.0 above..


Anyone has a backup copy of the Android 2.3 version apk?! pls do share since its removed in the mega link shared here

The features are less extensive than if you root your phone and do it it the app settings way. Which i would definitely prefer and recommend.

I used the mod for a while, but I went back to paying for Premium. For €10 a month, it's totally worth it

I keep getting an error message "file not found" - android 5is there a way round it?

i get the same "file not found" error. anyone who could help.?

File for Android 2.3 please??

I have problema with the volume of spotify, now i have android 6.0. I'm not sure but before with android 5.1 i didn't have any problem.

i have downloaded the spotify (tabversion) via your google drive. and still can't play music offline and there is an 'available offline' words in my spotify. whyyyyyyy cant works?!?!?!

I was able to download it thru my desktop, but I'm getting a lot of ads. Like every 2 or 3 song I get ads. It there a better apk version to avoid ads? it's annoying

  1. Root Your device
  2. install ADAWAY

how to dowload premium spotify

Its not working anymore. I got a new phone and trie d installing it but the file is not found

If You want to skip ads, just use EZBlocker.
Also, you do not need to have root installed on your device. ;)

PS: Best way to find Modded Spotify is to use Google. XDA should be first on the list. Links there are always fresh. Cheers! :)

Can someone upload a correct link to download it? The last link is not found... Ill really appreciate it

I got a new phone and it is no longer working. the "file is not found"
I'm so disappointed, please help!

Links were removed.. plz repost apk. Plz

I have tried clicking on both links to download Spotify premium and they both say file not found.

how will i update spotify premium apk later??

Does it work with only root access and without Xposed Framework?

The link for android 4.4 and above doesn't work :(

For me it keeps saying error file not found

we would glad if you update the link! thanks!

Used to work now it doesn't.

i had this on my old phone and i swore by it. then i got the note 7 and it works up until i inserted my sim card which then rebooted the phone and installed service provider bloat wear which included spotify -_- i tried all the package disabler apps to remove it and even when its gone, the apk version won't install.

I have this app on my phone I created a free version of the Spotify so log in but when I try to download offline it's telling me I need to the premium trial what does that mean .. what happens after the 7 day trial ends

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