How To: Get the Pixel's Amazing New 'Live Earth' Wallpapers on Your Android Device

Get the Pixel's Amazing New 'Live Earth' Wallpapers on Your Android Device

Google worked with design agency B-Reel to create some unique wallpapers for its Pixel and Pixel XL flagships, and the end result is quite stunning. These "Live Earth" wallpapers, as they're called, combine Google Earth's high-def satellite imagery with a 3D parallax effect that changes perspective as you move between screens.

It's a dramatic look, so developer Quinny898 dug through a recent Pixel system dump to find all of the files and libraries that make the Live Earth images tick. He then combined all of these resources into a single APK, which means that you can install one of the Pixel's best features on your phone in just a few simple taps—no root required.


Step 1: Install the APK

To start, just grab the APK using the link below, then tap the Download Complete notification when that's finished. The file is rather large (80 MB) since it includes the necessary libraries, so give Android's installer interface a moment to load, then tap the "Install" button.

Step 2: Pick a New Wallpaper

Once you've got the app installed, head to your home screen, then long-press any empty space and choose "Wallpapers." From there, if you're using the new Pixel Launcher, head to the "Live Wallpapers" section, then pick an image, and choose "Set wallpaper." If you're using the Google Now Launcher or any third-party home screen, simply scroll over on the bottom menu to find the new backgrounds.

(1) Setting Live Earth wallpapers through the Pixel Launcher. (2) Setting Live Earth wallpapers with a custom launcher.

Step 3: Enjoy Your New 'Live Earth' Background

Once you've set your new wallpaper, you'll quickly notice how different these Live Earth images truly are. When you unlock your phone, the background image shifts perspective downward, and when you move between home screens, your vantage point rotates along with it.

Aside from looking gorgeous, some of these Live Earth wallpapers add a bit of subtle functionality, too. The "Horizon" image goes from sunrise to sunset as your battery drains from 100% to zero, and the "Your World" wallpaper depicts a live view of the sun's position at your location, while overlaying current radar imagery of the clouds.

Honestly, these images made my jaw drop when I first saw them. If you just want to see how they look, check out the following gallery—but know that you won't get the full effect until you see them in person.

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Cover image and screenshots by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks


App not installed error :( why ?! Any Problem ?? On my motog4plus

App Not Installed Erro

That's strange, it seems the app should work for you. Your Moto G4 Plus has an ARM64 processor, and it's running Android 6.0+, so I'm not quite sure why it doesn't want to install.

The only suggestion I have would be to check and make sure you have enough storage to install the app, since it's pretty big (80 MB). Other than that, it could be a bad download, so maybe try to delete the APK and download again.

I installed on Sony Xperia XZ with Android 7 and does not work, only the live earth, the other yes, why?

The Earth one doesn't work, keeps crashing.
Any workaround?

Try granting Location permission for the Live Earth app. Go to Settings -> Apps, then find Live Earth Wallpapers in the list. Then hit "Permissions" and make sure to enable anything you see there.

Nope, you can use it with any launcher!

doesn't allow me to pick on s7 edge

Has anyone worked out how to get these as the lock screen?

Why it doesn't install on my Moto G4 plus
It says it's not compitable for this phone

Keeps crashing when I try and use the Earth wallpaper,already tried the Google earth fix,didnt work.Pls help

You might need to manually enable the Location permission. Go to Settings -> Apps, select Live earth wallpapers, then tap Permissions. Enable everything you find there and see if it works.

The only permission it asks for is location which is enabled
which I have enabled

I gave the required permissions but Live Earth always crashes. Sony Xperia XZ with Nougat

I am trying to install it on my Oneplus one but it says "App not installed"! Any idea?

When open the app it says problem parasing the package . What is the problem please tell

this is a trojan virus, dont download

Install success ,but live wallpaper not working lock screen,how to enable live wallpaper in lock screen

All of them work except the "Your World" one that I most want. Any suggestions?

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