How To: Get the OnePlus 3's Gorgeous New Wallpapers on Your Phone Right Now

Get the OnePlus 3's Gorgeous New Wallpapers on Your Phone Right Now

The OnePlus 3 just launched, and if you're not sure about taking the plunge on the $399 budget smartphone, you can at least check out how the device's new wallpapers will look on your phone right now.

Hampus Olsson, designer of most official OnePlus wallpapers, created four wallpapers just for the OnePlus 3, and each one looks pretty cool. Have a look:

Images via Hampus Olsson

If you'd like to give any of these wallpapers a try on your phone, just long-press on the image and hit "Save," and then set the downloaded image as your background image in your wallpaper settings. It varies by device, but you should be able to find this in your Settings under something like "Display" or "Sound and Display". Or you can probably just long-press an empty space on your home screen to bring up wallpaper options.

Two of the new wallpaper designs are also available in 4K resolution on Olsson's website, Abstruct, along with a handful of other wallpapers that he's designed.

Wallpapers, Wallpapers, & More Wallpapers

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Cover image via Hampus Olsson

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