How To: Get Android Nougat's New Boot Animation Right Now

Get Android Nougat's New Boot Animation Right Now

Android Nougat came with a lot of new features, including a futuristic and sleek circle animation. When this article was originally published, it was rumored that the circular design would be used as the new boot animation in Android 7.0—but as it turns out, you'll only see this screen while you're installing a firmware upgrade or working with ADB.

That was a little disappointing, because it's definitely a cool-looking animation—so XDA user mattwheat went ahead and converted it into a boot animation so that you can see it every time your phone starts up. This file can replace the existing startup screen on most current devices, regardless of Android version, so I'll show you how to try it out below.


Step 1: Download the ZIP File

To get started, download the file from Android Nougat.

Step 2: Rename Your Old Boot Animation File

Next up, use your favorite root-enabled file browser to navigate to the /system/media folder on your device. From here, locate the existing file, then long-press it and choose "Rename" (note that if your device does not have a file in this folder, it is not supported). Next, simply add a ".bak" to the end of the file name, then press "OK."

Step 3: Copy the New Boot Animation File & Change Permissions

From here, head to the Download folder on your SD card or internal storage partition, then select the file that you downloaded in Step 1. From here, just copy the file, then paste it into the /system/media folder.

Once you've done that, long-press the newly-copied file, then choose "Permissions." Finally, set the Owner category to "Read" and "Write," then make sure all other categories are set to just "Read."

Step 4: Reboot & Enjoy

At this point, all that's left to do is to reboot your phone and check out the new boot animation. It's a white circle that features colored ribbons morphing around alongside it, and the animation itself is something akin to a loading circle.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks


Can you share your phone wallpaper on the video?

its so big broo , the size resolution its too big , it doesnt shows the whole circle :/ how am i supposed to fix the resolution thing..

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