How To: Free Space on Your Android Phone!

Free Space on Your Android Phone!

I still have a nexus one. This little phone 196 Mb of storage space (and most of that is taken by the system). But I have somehow managed to live off it for 2 years. This is for anyone with a small amount of memory. We will be using Link2SD. MUST HAVE CWR AND A ROOTED PHONE.

Step 1: Make a Second Partition on Your SD Card.

Backup all data on your SD and then reboot into recovery (Clockwork recovery mod). Then go to advanced -> partition SD card. Then select a size. I choose 1024. When you are done reboot.

Step 2: Install Link2SD

Open the play store and search for Link2SD and install it (or find and sideload the pro version for free :D). Open it and give it root access if it asks you.

Step 3: Configure Link2SD Part 1: Mount Script

When you open the app you should get a Message asking you to create a mount script (if not got to the menu and press Recreate mount script). Choose ext2 if you formatted as described above. Then hit OK and reboot.

Step 4: Configure Link2SD Part 2: Settings

You don't have to do these but I personally recommend them. Go to settings in link2SD and do the following.

Set auto clear cache to 1 or 3 hours.
This will give you a little bit more free space by clearing useless cache files.

Put a check next to auto link.
Automatically link new apps when you install them.

Go to install location >> and set it to external.
Automatically install the apps on the SD card.

Step 5: Good Luck!! :D

I hope this helped you. If you have any questions or errors leave them in the comments and I will try to help. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU MESS UP YOU PHONE (IE FORMAT YOUR SD WITHOUT BACKING IT UP). image from google.

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