How To: Encrypt & Hide Files, Photos, & Videos on Android

Encrypt & Hide Files, Photos, & Videos on Android

If you have some photos, videos, and documents that you want to keep completely hidden and encrypted on your Android device, Andrognito is the app you need. We showcased this app in the past, but since then, CODEX has rebuilt it from the ground up with new and improved features.

Why Andrognito?

Unlike other privacy apps, Andrognito uses a military-grade AES 256-bit encryption algorithm, making the app and your stored content virtually unbreakable. But in addition to the piece of mind provided by the app's security, Andrognito includes other key features that makes it worth trying out. (Requires Android 4.0 or higher.)

Setting Up the App

You'll need to create a PIN the first time you open Andrognito (which will be used the next time you launch it), a security question (to safely back up your content), and a vault (which works as a secured gallery of sorts for files, pictures, and videos—which also has a unique PIN associated with it).

How to Encrypt Your Files

Andrognito offers two simple ways to encrypt and hide your files, photos, and videos.

Method 1: One-Tap Encryption

If you're looking to quickly encrypt and hide a file, image, or video, tap the + icon, then select what exactly you want to encrypt.

Tap and hold to begin selecting files, then just tap the lock icon located towards the top of the page. The icon below will change to a checkmark, indicating that your file was successfully encrypted.

Method 2: Add to Basket

For times that require selecting multiple files from different locations in your device's system, using the basket feature is the way to go. After selecting a file, before attempting to navigate somewhere else, tap the basket icon to temporarily save that file to encrypt later.

Using the menu bar that pops up from the bottom of the page, once you have all your files selected, hit "Encrypt." You'll then be directed to the encryption page where you'll confirm and tap the encryption icon.

What the Premium Version Gets You

In addition to unlimited storage, unlimited vaults, and priority support, an in-app purchase of $2.01 you get a theme manager and advanced security features, which are pretty cool. Some of these security features include fake accounts, invisible mode, and fake force-close.

One of the most underrated aspects of an application is its design, and this is where Andrognito strives for greatness. As the developer mentioned, this was a huge point of focus with the rewrite of the app, and for good reason. The Material Design elements and layout for Android Lollipop create a welcoming experience that makes navigating and utilizing this app easy and straightforward for even the novice Android user.

Promotional Details

We want to give away some premium features and make it easy for you to win. Aritra Roy, developer at CODEX, will provide the first five WonderHowTo members to complete the simple steps below with free premium features.

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It would be awesome if I could get a code :D

plz let me have a code. just downloaded looks great but would love the full version

A good alternative is Secrecy. Its open-source with a GitHub repo and the app on both FDroid and the Play store.

I'm very interested in having a chance to use the licensed version of Androdnito 2, especially now since it's out of Beta!

Many thanks for developing an easy-to-use encryption app for Android -- I can't think of a more crucial application of data encryption than that of one's personal files, especially on a mobile platform which is nearly always connected to the internet

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