How To: Control and Protect Your Android Phone Over SMS with aeGis

Control and Protect Your Android Phone Over SMS with aeGis

Security is always a top priority for our smartphones. Leaving your phone at the bar or even at a friend's house can leave you open to hacks and lead to the loss of sensitive information.

Beyond the lock screen, passwords don't always do enough to protect the information stored on your phone. So, being able to access your phone remotely can be a huge advantage in protecting yourself once your phone is lost.

Now, there are plenty of third-party apps out there that will help you protect yourself if you ever lose your phone, but this one in particular is very good.

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aeGis is an Android application that allows users to send a text message to their phone to lock, locate, wipe, or sound an alarm. Created by XDA developers member Decad3nce, the free app is a great security tool.

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You can set up a passcode for the messages that you send to your phone so that if you lose it, you can use aeGis to lock or wipe it completely by sending that passcode via SMS. You can also locate your phone if you enable the tracking option.

The app is free, and requires Android 4.0 or higher. You also have the option to donate by purchasing it for $1.99, or you can just download the free version from Google Play (they're exactly the same).

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