How To: Compete Against Your Friends with HTC's Fun Fit Health App

Compete Against Your Friends with HTC's Fun Fit Health App

HTC's fitness-tracking application, Fun Fit, has made its way to the Google Play Store for all to enjoy. And while fitness apps are a dime a dozen, Fun Fit offers what its name implies—fun.

Like plenty of other fitness apps, Fun Fit is able to track calories burned, steps, distance, active time, walking time, and running time. Where the app differs is in its presentation.

While others may take fitness very seriously, eliminating the fun, Fun Fit makes things a little more animated with goofy animal emojis and funny animations.

The fun is maximized by linking the app with your Facebook account, allowing you to compare results with friends and declare someone the fitness leader. You'll definitely want to add your buddies to keep track of their progress and watch as avatars go from couch potatoes to bulky strongmen.

With friendly competition and bragging rights on the line, Fun Fit takes some of stress out of fitness and allows users to provide one another with some unique incentives.

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