How To: Bypass Restrictions to Install Hearthstone on Any Android Device

Bypass Restrictions to Install Hearthstone on Any Android Device

Blizzard Entertainment, the wildly successful video game developer that brought us World of Warcraft and StarCraft, has finally released their popular trading card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft to the Android platform.

If you've never heard of it, Hearthstone is an offshoot of World of Warcraft, where you can choose your level of class (warrior, shaman, rogue, mage, etc.) and collect cards with different attacks. Collect cards through purchases (real money or gold), build up your deck, then battle online opponents in the arena.

If you're unfamiliar with the game, there's a hell of a lot more to it, so check out this newbie tutorial from boogie2988 for a quick rundown. Millions have been playing the game online, but it has finally made its way to Android. Great news, right? Well, not exactly.

Unfortunately, the game is only available for tablet users. Any device that doesn't have at least a 6-inch display is pretty much shit out of luck. While Blizzard has promised a mobile version for smartphones, a timetable has yet to be set. And you don't really want to wait, do you?

UPDATE (4/14/15): The day has finally come—Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is now available for download on most Android devices, including phones!

Install Hearthstone on Any Android Device

Thanks to Reddit users CleverFrog and Thundernerd you can now play Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft on any Android device.


For this to work, you'll need the following:

  • Device running Android 4.0+
  • SD Card (optional)

Also be aware that Android devices with older CPUs (single/dual cores) might not be able to run this game, so check online to see if your device is compatible.

Step 1: Download Game & Data Files

Update: Just download the new updated Heartstone APK and patch files linked below and you're done. You don't need to follow any of the steps after.

Download the following three files directly on your device.

Move both the Patch OBB and the Main OBB files to /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/com.blizzard.wtch.hearthstone and you're good to go. Install the APK and Heathstone will open. YOU DON'T NEED TO FOLLOW ANY OF THE STEPS BELOW.

Step 2: Unzip & Install the Hearthstone APK

Through My Files or any other file explorer, unzip the Hearthstone Update ZIP and find the Hearthstone Update folder.

Inside that folder, you'll find the Hearthstone APK and two OBB files you need for this to work. Make sure that you have installation from "Unknown sources" enabled on your device.

Install com.blizzard...stone.apk, but make sure that you don't open the application just yet—only install it.

Step 3: Copy and Move OBB Files

Now go back to the Hearthstone Update folder in My Files and copy both of the OBB files. Go to storage/emulated/0/Android/obb and paste the two files there.

Note: If you have an SD memory card or the game doesn't work when copying the OBB files there, instead place the two OBB files in storage/extSdCard/Android/obb/.

Step 4: Open Hearthstone

Finally, open the Hearthstone app and let it load—it should take a few minutes since it's a pretty large file.

Log in or create an account and you're ready to play! You'll receive a free pack of cards to start with, and you'll also be given a short tutorial on how to play the game.

If you have any trouble installing the game on your device, leave us a comment in the section below or via our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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Hi nice tuto how did you install app in external sd card

You don't need the app in sd card, just the obb files.

hey i did install to my s4 i can hear the music but nothing happens it stays there like forever

This could have easily been tampered with, so that it sends your username & password not only to blizzard, but to the developer of the modified app as well.

Just saying.

Incorrect, The developer have to hack the app and add an additional server so when you type username it sends to that. You are not the only who think this, many people have same thought about other modified applications

wait, I was acutally scared and changed my pw right after I played a game on my device. So... I don't have to worry about it anymore? I was seriously thinking about getting an authenticator.

Smart people use authenticators anyway

When I try to open the app, it says it couldn't connect to the google market for the download

Followed the instructions and works fine with very slight lag on my Galaxy S3, thank you so much for this. Can't believe this works better on my phone that my Tab 2.

Hello. I'm trying to install the hearthstone app to my LG G3 like u explained. Although after trying to put the needed files on the obb of the SD card , or the OBB of the actual phone - i get this message after installing and running the Rebuilt.apk.

Sure won't let me upload the photo... So I'll just write what it says:

Installation error:

Failed to download additional files from Google play. Please make sure you have a active internet connection and ensure you are signed into a valid Google play account.

Not sure what else to do... Will appreciate your help.

got the same thing

Failed to download additional files from Google play. Please make sure you have a active internet connection and ensure you are signed into a valid Google play account.

To people who are getting the "Installation Error":

  1. Don't copy 2 obbs files into a sd card. Copy em directly on your phone just like the alternative instruction said on the article (/storage/emulated/0/Android/obb)
  2. Start the Hearthstone app. When you get the error message, go back to the /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb again. Then you see there is an empty folder created "com.blizzard...Hearthstone".
  3. Move the 2 obb files that you copied inside of that created folder.
  4. start the Hearthstone app again. The error message was gone, and the loading bar started moving.

it worked. LOVE U <3 ty for your help.
i feel stupid i havent tried this..

How did you get it to work? I keep getting the installation error.

Yes, thanks for reiterating.
It seems most issues with installation error occur because of this.

i freaking love u <3<3<3
thank you so much for the help

I'm getting the installation error, however when i go back to the OBB directory it didn't make a new folder for the hearthstone package. . :(... not sure what to do. What's the exact name of the folder? maybe i can create it?

Create that folder manually.

This worked for me! You're a Genius Joe!!

Thanks. That helped. I was having troubles as well, and your advice worked perfectly.

I loaded this onto my Galaxy S3.

I can get into the game fine but when i try to sign into my account, I get an error.

It's says "Webpage not available

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address"

Make sure you have a data connection (I do, I'm on a wifi setup at the moment)
Reload this webpage later (I have....many times)
Check the address you entered (I never entered it. it was what came up automatically)

I have Hearthstone on my laptop, I use an authenticator.

Anyone have ideas on this?

Currently having this issue. Using wifi only still doesnt want to allow me to log in or create a new account.

Followed all the steps, hearthstone loads and then immediately crashes on my droid turbo. Any suggestions?

I cant find an obb folder on my Droid Turbo. I can't create one or put one on either. How did you get it on your Droid Turbo?

I dont know where this (/storage/emulated/0/Android/obb) is, i can only find the obb filder on my sd card

I have followed all the steps and when I start Hearthstone I get the ininstallation error as others have said. I also see people saying they got it to work so what do I do now? All the steps have been followed please help thank you.

Ok after many attempts later I get it to work. I get passed the blizzard logo to the Hearthstone screen and there's a sign on the door saying we're closed only available on tablets 6' or more. Guess they fixed and it don't work now. I'm using Samsung galaxy 3.

same here anything on how to fix this...

I got it to work on my smartphone, but not on my daughter's tablet...
I checked for the empty folder it was supposed to crerate under emulate... but there is no folder there.

You create the folder yourself after you unzip the files copy and put them in emulated obb. Enjoy.

samsung galaxy s3, installed but often crashes. cant play.

Okay I got it working aftet like 6 hrs last night. What I did was removed the unzipped files installed the rebuilt.apk and then it says error and after this I unzipped the obb files. Created the folder .com.blizzard.wtg.hearthstone folder put the obb files into that folder and put thr hearthstone apk file in obb. It works on my sg3 like the last comment above me but it force closes a lot. Here's a tip don't play arena or ranked until the force close issue is solved. Btw I also got my free pack.

I have a HTC One m7 and follow the instructions. It was everything fine, i copy the files in the obb folder and start the app. After that i downloaded the "update", but after that Hearthstone Android tell me that my screen is to small. Is there a possibilty which help me out there?

@Carlos reinstall again and use the rebuilt.apk to log into the game and then it will work. I had the same problem too.

I get it to work. But it isnt real fullscreen. Is there any way to fix it I have HTC one M8

I changed the colors of my text messages but now when i open my Messages it times out or quits. What do i do?

Hello guys,

I want to ask, if the application isn´t corrupted, harmful to the phone or something similar. I experienced very uncomfortable situation. Thank you all very much for any advice and help. I downloaded Hearthstone, according to these steps on my two days old Samsung. I don´t know kind of the phone right know, but I think, it is something like G1702. Just something pretty cool with dual core and so on. Everything went smoothly. I played several games of Hearthstone and then unexpectedly, blue screen occurred, when I was only trying to do something in my settings. I restarted the phone, and system was launched again. But a few minutes later, I couldn´t turn on my phone at all. No blue screen, just nothing. It is totally dead until now. I do not blame this app. It happened to me once more before with the new phone. But if somebody has the same problem, please tell me. Actually to have Hearthstone on a phone is quite practical and I decided to install it again on a repaired or new machine.

Thank you all very much for help!

Tried and worked on Xperia Z3 compact (4.6'') after moving obb files into a system created hearthstone folder inside Android/obb. Besides the very small UI (blizzard did intend this version to be meant for tablets only), slight sluggishness and very short screen off timer, it works!

Hi, tried to install on my galaxy s4, i followed thru the instruction, after clicking install on the rebuild.apk, after while it say file not installed. need help please!

Hi so I'm able to go throughall of the steps except the final step, when I go tto installed the rebuilt.apk it goes through like its going Tobin stall the app then just says "app not installed". Is there a part to this I am missing or something?

Guys, please help me. It shows me that error and when i try to do the alternative possibility, with storage/emulated/0/Android/obb, I can't find the emulated folder. Please help me!

Whenever I try to launch the game the loading screen appears and it starts "Unpacking Crates". Seems to load fine for a while but eventually my phone locks up and I have to take the battery out to reset it. This is on a Galaxy S3. Edit: After multiple instances of resetting my phone I've finally unpacked all the crates. But now its sitting at the Hearthstone saloon door endlessly.

im trying this on a blu studio 5.5 , and im getting the error not connecet to google bs. can anyone give me step by step instructions on the blu studio 5.5 it donst have a my folder it has file explorer.

Hi, i am unable to unzip the file. Do i have to download an app that can unzip the file?

Es file explorer will do the trick

Please, somebody help me!

I can't finish the installation. When I try to press the "Install" button, it doesn't work (there are two buttons: Cancel and Install, but only Cancel is possible to be selected).

Make sure you can install apps from unknown sources

I am having the same issue as Akemi. I quadruple checked my security settings, Unknown Apps is selected. My phone will only allow me to select "cancel" and not "install". Any thoughts?

EDIT: No longer a problem, see above for solution.

I figured it out. If you have any screen filter apps downloaded, you need to disable them. Such as, f.lux or blue light filters.

it worked for me after having the "Cannot contact google blabla.." thing without SD Card one my One plus One.

Download the zip & rebuild.apk.

Step 2: Unzip & Copy Files
_________HERE IT CHANGE______

Through any file explorer, unzip(i did this on my pc, didnt find any unzip app on android...) the Hearthstone data. THEN COPY THE com.blizzard.wtcg.hearthstone folder (with two OBB files in it).

Now go to /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb and paste the folder.
You should have /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/com.bliz....stone/blabla.obb
Step 3: Install the Rebuilt Hearthstone APK

Now, find the rebuilt.apk file in your Downloads folder and install Hearthstone to your device, making sure that you have installation from "Unknown sources" enabled on your device.

Step 4: Open Hearthstone

Finally, open the Hearthstone app and let it load—it should take a few minutes since it's a pretty large file.

// Me
Okey. Sorry for my bad english blabla. Bananana.

Ps: I use the authenticator, and you should too, i'm not sure this is a unmodified app...

Have fun !

It's telling me I need to update the app, it then directs me to the play store. Can't even log in.

I can't update the app too even though installation was successful.

Figured it out!! Change your server location, it gives the option to do it at the log in screen. I changed to Asia works like a charm. No us server availability as far as I'm aware. Spread the word if you can

I am having the same issue as Akemi. I can't finish the installation. There are two buttons: Cancel and Install, but I can only hit Cancel. I quadruple checked my security settings, Unknown Apps is selected. My phone will only allow me to select "cancel" and not "install". Any thoughts?

EDIT: No longer a problem, see above for solution.

Galaxy s5 lollipop 5 doesnt work at all. tryed many ways, always at launch "Unfortunately, Heatstone has stopped." Any ideas guys?

i had the same problem, just make sure that hs is the only program running is like u ran out of ram or whatever.

that worked for me

But the new patch .. fk me

Article has new files to get past new patch!

So with the most recent patch this method no longer works. I own a galaxy s5 and it was working flawless until earlier tonight when blizzard released it's patch. It seems like we need the updated obb fIles to reinstall. Are there any plans to release those?

New OBB files are up. You'll need to remove all Hearthstone files from your device though and start new. That's the only way this will work, so just follow the steps in the updated article.

I have also the same problem with this new patch that seems blizzard released today.We need to update the obb files somehow.

I've updated the article so you can bypass the new Blizzard patch.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, article has been updated with new files!

So i did everything the instructions told me to do. but when the loading screen for hearthstone comes on it says that it failed to download additional files from google play. Please make sure u have an active internet connection and ensure u r signed in with a valid google play account PLZ HELP!!!

wait nvm!!! what i did was just to try everyones ideas till one worked helped me :)

Nobody found a way to get the new obbs ?

Yeah, article has new and working OBB files.

Does somebody now how to get the new version of hearthstone?

I cannot find the map im supposted to put the files in

Followed steps works wonderful up until i try to create the accout or sign in. When doing so i get the folowing:

Sign in: Closed- Oops! Playful sprites have disrupted Hearthstone as it was linking up to the service. Please wait a few minutes for them to diserpse and try re-launching the game

I'm New:Oops! We are unable to start a new game for you. Please Try again.

Are the obb files not valid anymore?
Im currently connected to wifi only. Restarted network still same. Reinstalled using older obb files. Nothing.

EDIT: IT was the net work i was on. Game runs just fine on my S3 Rooted Jelly Beans Rom.

So I followed the steps Exactly(not for an SD card). I have an HTC ONE M7. When I open the app tho, it crashes with "Unfortunately, Hearthstone has stopped." :( :( :( :(

I REALLY don't want to buy a crappy tablet just for hearthstone. Anyone able to get this to work on their HTC one?? Or other helpful tips for this issue?

Tldr; if someone already covered this:
i found a fix for Samsung Galaxy Avant (feb 2015)
Read it to find out.

Followed the instructions didnt work, i opened the app and wala still trying to download updates but upon doing ao created a folder for heartstone in the android/obb section of my phone, i then copied the 2 files to that new folder and Walaa! It was working try doing the same if the above methods dos not work for you.

Yeah, that happens sometimes and is a possible fix for when people have trouble opening the app.

After i finished with the downloading error.. it installed amd then it sais sorry hearthstone is curently running for tablets 6

Just out of interest, as Hearthstone re-downloads the obb files anyway, don't bother with them. probably cause's more issues than helps. just install the APK, then open the app.

Did this with my Galaxy S4, logged in, and played for a few hours. No issues at all.

It doesnt have the copy button. (HTC Desire). Only gives me the options to "Open" or "Save. Anyone help?

Well there's a new patch :( Just gonna wait here for new updated files

It's been updated if you haven't already found the new OBB files.

Ola sou brasileiro e acompanho vocês estão de parabéns pelo trabalho eu gostaria de saber quando vai sair a atualização para o Hearthstone 2.2 obrigado.

Google Translator :Hello I am Brazilian and I accompany you are to be congratulated for the work I would like to know when going out the upgrade to 2.2 Hearthstone thanks.

They just updated it yesterday, give the man a chance to catch his breath! Great work by the way, it works flawlessly on my Note II with Jelly Beans ROM.

Funny though, it's "supported" on my old ass XOOM but it runs like crap whereas my Note II runs it great but is "NOT" supported.

how do you update the game?

Article has been updated with new files!

Is there a way to make it so we don't have to do this every update?

Downloaded new APK and ran installed..downloaded patch to Android obb directory. Getting error not connected to Google play. Do I need to put the patch in a different directory?

Don't move the patch anywhere. Just leave it in Download folder, then install APK.

Hi Nelson, I have moved the patch back to download folder and re-installed the new apk..When I launch goes to the downloading screen and then an error pops up with failed to download from Google play, etc. Am I missing something? Should I un-install previous version?

Thanks for making this happen and I appreciate all of your help.

Yeah, uninstall previous version. If that doesn't work, direct message me and we'll figure it out.

Sorry to bother,but can you reupload
ma because google drive doesnt allow anymore downloads(is it just for me?)

It should work without it, as long as you've got the old OBB files?

Hey, I am new here and just saw your post to bypass. Unfortunately I can not download the "main" file as it has been downloaded to often it says. Is there a mirror?

I never installed any obb files for HS before.

EDIT: Sorry, I got all the files now on my device. But it seems I dont get it to run. It cant download once the game starts. I am not sure where I need to place the files it seems :)

I also tried the trick with creating those emulated... folders. But I still says "not connected to google account..." :/

I did exactly the following:

All files (main, patch, apk) were in the Download folder (also tried it to just directly put them on the device). I started the APK and it installed (do I have to install and then start APK again to patch?) But it did not start downloading in game.

Then I moved main to Android\OBB and left patch and APK in the Download folder. Same result

Then I moved patch and main to Android\OBB. Same result

I also tried the "trick" to create the folder manually like explained some posts above. Also same result.

I really have no idea what I am doing wrong. :D

BTW.. I am using Samsung Galaxy S5 with newest Android SW

Having trouble getting this to work. Its my first time trying so I just downloaded the apk and patch file you recently added. After installing, when I try to run hearthstone I get an error message that says "Failed to download additional files from Google Play. Please make sure you have an active internet connection and ensure that you are signed into a valid Google Play account."

I'm using a nexus 5 on lollipop 5.0.1.


Not sure why anyone is having issues with this.

I once again, downloaded JUST the .apk file. installed it over the top of the old one, IE Did NOT uninstall or delete ANYTHING. And it works perfectly fine. You guys are over complicating things and causing your own issues.

This is on a Galaxy S4 4.4.2 stock rom, not rooted.

I have cleared every bit of evidence of hearthstones existance from my phone. After installing the apk and patch, it appears i am missing the .main file. As i continue to get the "failed to install additional files" i have tried all these solutions, though i am convinced i just need the .main file. Please help

Ive tried this (along with other methods) and i continue to get the message saying it cannot download additional files from the google play store. Please assist? am running andriod 5.0 on samsung galaxy S5

Hello .... I am having the same problem .... I downloaded the new apk and patch file into my downloads folder and installed using the apk .... When I open it says it failed to update because of blah blah blah not logged into google .... please help

Hi, i have some problems, i downloade it and installt it placed the obb files in the folder and try to start heartstone. It try to download and say "Installation Error"

"failed to download additional files from Google Play. Make sure you have a active Internet connection and ensure you are signed into a valid google play account"?!?!?!

Okay i cant find my further pist i just found out how it seems to work, start the app and close it after the error the go again to the obb files and place the files inthe right folder. Fin :D

Can't download the main file for some reason, download starts and then it just says "download failed"

But before that, after I installed the APK and started it, it would fail to download and say I'm not connected to Google play or something like that

So I'm wondering now since they removed Hearthstone from the playstore is this no longer working, because my phone still tried to download it from there. I watch the video tutorial and follow it step by step and still get the error stating: "Failed to download additional files from Google Play. Please make sure you have an active internet connection and ensure you are signed into a valid Google Play account."

Hello ..... Hearthstone was just updated now .... curious when new files will be added

Need a New update how can I do it? :c

The main is a zip file not an obb. how do i install it with this?


Never mind, clicking on the link on my phone gave me a zip when holding down the link and pressing save link gives you an obb.

I tried everything, but it's still not working, even with the updated files. I managed to bypass this error:

"failed to download additional files from Google Play. Make sure you have a active Internet connection and ensure you are signed into a valid google play account"

Because I dropped the 3 files in internal memory/android/obb/com.blizzard.wtcg.hearthstone/

But this ones stays

This didn't work:

  • Manually create this folder (/storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/com.blizzard.wtch.hearthstone) on the internal memory and put the files in there --> When I did this I got the 'failed to download additional files from Google Play' error.
  • The same flaw I got when I did the above on the memory card or when I tried this path: external memory/android/obb/com.blizzard.wtcg.hearthstone/

So I'm trying for hours now and it's very frustating. Could somebody please help? I'm trying this on a unrooted Sony Z3 Compact.

Hello, i have a problem. Doesnt matter if i use obb files downloaded here or let hearthstone download them app keeps minimizing to background. If i select it to move to full screen i see lighting the heart bar for a second and it goes background again. There is no info or errors throwed ;/ Any clue whats up with this?

Game not working after recent update I'm using ASUS ZenFone 2 and the game freezes at the opening page. Same probleme with android apk I can't open any of my accounts and also I don't know whats the reason for it ... Past few days I was not able to connect to Facebook and now it is not even opening any of my accounts .

Download APK + OBB data file Here

easy install and work on any phone.

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