How To: Bypass Location Restrictions to Use Any Snapchat Geofilter You Want on Android

Bypass Location Restrictions to Use Any Snapchat Geofilter You Want on Android

Late last year, Snapchat introduced location-specific photo filters, dubbed geofilters, made up of graphic overlays and stickers. Everything from entire cities and major events to museums, national parks, and restaurants have filters available—but the caveat is that they're available only if you're in that specific location.

That means that if you're in Los Angeles, there is no way you can get a filter exclusive to New York, unless you're physically in New York along with your smartphone. That is, unless you spoof your location.

In this guide, I'm going to show you how to fake your location on your Android device so that you can unlock all the geofilters available worldwide in Snapchat.

Step 1: Spoof Your Location

Using Fake Location Spoofer Free from Incorporate Apps, available on the Google Play Store, you can spoof your location to anywhere around the world. Once you download and install the app, it will ask you to check the box next to "Allow mock locations" (which can only be accessed if you have "Developer options" enabled).

Once mock locations are enabled, you can double tap anywhere on the map to set the location you want. When you've decided on a location (I chose Paris, France), hit the play button on the bottom-right of the app to begin spoofing the fake location.

Step 2: Take a Picture on Snapchat

Now head over to Snapchat and take a picture. When you swipe right, you will see all of the geofilters that are exclusive to that location, whether it be Los Angeles, New York, Paris, or Tokyo.

From my office in Santa Monica, California, I pretended to be somewhere near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France (although I could've taken a more believable photo), and at Disneyland.

Not only will you be able to pretend to be in popular locations and landmarks from around the world, you can make it seem like you're attending big-name events such as Coachella, the World Cup, New York Fashion Week, Cannes Film Festival, and more.

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Snapchat is nice, but I found another android app - "GPS Privacy", that removes the GPS coordinates automatically. You just define your "Privacy areas", and your pictures won't have GPS tags when taken in these areas. Very useful if you have the pictures uploaded automatically online. Hope this would be helpful for you as well!

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