How To: Browse the Web or Play Games While Skyping on Your Android Device

Browse the Web or Play Games While Skyping on Your Android Device

Skype has recently made some really great changes to their Android app that were once exclusive to softModders with rooted devices. Previously when Skyping, using your device for other tasks was impossible. Your entire screen was devoted to your Skype conversation.

You could use Skype and other apps simultaneously on newer Samsung devices using the Multi-View feature, but only on rooted devices, since Skype was not a supported Multi-View app. Now, thanks to the recent Skype 4.5 update, multi-tasking is possible for all Android users with the floating picture-in-picture view.

Enjoy carrying on a video chat while you surf the web or play your favorite game, and feel free to place the floating image wherever you see convenient.

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The 4.5 update also includes some bug fixes, as well as easy navigation through contacts for tablet users by pinching to zoom out and selecting a letter jump to in their contact list.

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