How To: The Best Micro SD Cards for Your Galaxy Note 10+

The Best Micro SD Cards for Your Galaxy Note 10+

It's a sad fact, but the Galaxy Note 10+ is the only phone in Samsung's 2019 Note 10 lineup to include microSD support. It comes with either 256 GB or 512 GB of storage, but you can more than double that if you slap a memory card in it. So if you're in the market, here are some of your best options.

With super slow-motion recording and 4K resolution (up to 60 fps), you might need the extra space to hold all your videos. Or you might want to be able to quickly move photos, videos, or files from your Galaxy Note 10+ to your computer without needing to carry a cable. Fortunately, there are a lot of options available.

What You Should Look For

First, I would recommend going with at least 128 GB. The difference in price between 64 GB and 128 GB is under $10 for double the storage, so it's a better buy.

I also recommend UHS Speed Class 3. This means a minimum write speed of 30 MB/s, and the other option cuts this speed by a third. It's worth the additional cost for the higher speeds, especially if you plan to save some 4K videos on the card.

Beyond that, it depends on your budget and usage, which I'll cover below.

Best Bang for Your Buck

If you're simply looking to expand your storage, the are a lot of options out there that won't break the bank. We are talking less than $20 to add 128 GB, which is more than enough for most people.

Best SD Cards for Videographers

If you're looking to expand your storage to store more videos, there are faster memory cards. Some microSD cards are rated in categories called Video Speed Classes. The higher the class number, the quicker the minimum sequential write speed is for the card. This is the slowest rate the card will write data, so the higher this number is, the better.

While V30 (which has a minimum speed of 30 MB/s) is fine for most, there are even better options. V60 cards double the minimum sequential write speed to 60 MB/s. However, the absolute best available is V90. These microSD cards have a minimum sequential write speed of 90 MB/s, ensuring your videos are written to the memory as quickly as possible. However this speed comes with a cost.

V60 Cards

  • Buy Lexar Professional 1000x microSDXC from Amazon (from $58.93): 128 GB | 256 GB
  • Buy Delkin Prime microSDXC from Amazon (from $129.99): 128 GB

V90 Cards

  • Buy Lexar Professional 1800x microSDXC from Amazon (from $73.07): 128 GB
  • Buy ADATA Premier One microSDXC from Amazon (from $73.93): 128 GB | 256 GB

Absolute Best of the Best

For those who just need the absolute most amount of storage possible, 1 TB microSD cards are a reality. They do cost a pretty penny (we're talking $400+), but running out of space should never be a problem. And as with all memory cards, as long as your next phone supports it, you can use this same card with your next device.

  • Buy SanDisk Ultra microSDXC from Amazon (from $99.99): 512 GB
  • Buy Samsung Evo Select microSDXC from Amazon (from $94.99): 512 GB
  • Buy SanDisk Extreme microSDXC from Amazon (from $147.97): 512 GB | 1 TB

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