How To: Android 10 Drastically Updated Location Permissions — Check Your Settings ASAP

Android 10 Drastically Updated Location Permissions — Check Your Settings ASAP

With Android 10, there are now three options when an app asks to access your location: Allow, Deny, and Allow While In Use. That last one prevents apps from seeing your location unless you're actively using them, and it's the default now. But when you first update, most of your apps will still be allowed to access your location in the background — at least, until you do something about it.

Open your Settings app and you'll find a new dedicated "Location" submenu in Android 10. Head in here, then go to "App permission" and you'll see a list of all the installed apps, sorted by their location permissions.

If you previously granted location access to your apps, you'll likely see many under the "Allowed All The Time" section. But now that you're on Android 10, you'll want most apps moved to "Allowed Only While In Use." To do that, just tap any app in the section and change the permission to "Allow only while using the app."

Keep in mind that some features, like Google Maps location sharing, won't work if you revoke an app's permission to access your location in the background. But if you're not using features like that, it's safe to switch the app to the new permission.

This article was produced during Gadget Hacks' special coverage on smartphone privacy and security. Check out the whole Privacy and Security series.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Stephen Perkins/Gadget Hacks

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I wish I'd known about this article 10 days ago....

Expensive Lesson

My Android 10 + was hacked
From there they TRIED to wreck my Windows 10 installation.

I had HAPPENED to install a tweaking-app for the phone -- so I was trying to troubleshoot THAT for about 3-4 days after I worked all day.

They DID succeed in getting $$$

Have NOT had a decent nights sleep in a week.
I've been online for 20 years -- without ANY real security-problems ... I am NOT a noob.
My 3rd Samsung Phone. I loved this S10 +
Still do -- for now.
Not REAL HAPPY with SAMSUNG right now though.
Stressed out.

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