How To: Access All of Your Apps Right from Your Android Phone's Lock Screen

Access All of Your Apps Right from Your Android Phone's Lock Screen

The lock screen is your friend. It shows you the most basic information (time, date, battery life) and hides your apps and contacts until you wish to access them. But the lock screen is also a great place to open up commonly used apps very quickly. And that's where Shipoopi comes in.

Now, there are already a bunch of apps that allow you to add things to your lock screen, like custom clocks, flashlight buttons, apps switches, and so on, but none of these allow unlimited access to all of your apps from the lock screen. And this is what makes Shipoopi so legit.

Although the name is a little ridiculous, the app is no joke.

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Instead of unlocking the phone and searching for the app on your home screen, you can simply add your most used apps to the lock screen.

Once downloaded, you can access the settings by clicking on the clock widget. Now you can access the Shipoopi settings and add the apps you wish to appear on the lockscreen, and also change the order in which they appear.

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Shipoopi only works with devices that are running Android 4.2 or higher since it utilizes the lockscreen widget system that was introduced in the Jelly Bean 4.2 update. The app is still and beta and will continue to improve in further updates.

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Great info! Very handy and already downloaded Shipoopi. That name is hilarious. Good share!

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