How To: Install Metasploit on Android

Install Metasploit on Android

Hello guys...I m new here and this is my first post.
So here we will learn that how can we install the great tool Metasploit in android..
And yes i know, I'm weak in English.

Step 1: Install Linux in Android

For Metasploit.. We must have Linux chrooted environment.. I.e ..Ubuntu , backtrack, Kali Linux , just use Linux deploy or Complete Linux Installer App to install full Linux in your android ...Ubuntu is recommended by me (distribution yakkety).

Complete Linux Installer is best and I m using.
Anybody can watch this video to install Linux using Complete Linux Installer

Note :- Don't forget to edit sources.list file from etc/apt/sources.list and replace raring or trusty with yakkety& update Linux package using the command apt-get update

Your sources.list file must be look like this :-

Step 2: Install the Popular Tool "Katoolin"

Now we have to install katoolin from github.
1.) Type command apt-get install git then hit enter.
2.) Then type command git clone
3.) Type cd katoolin then hit enter
4.) Type python then hit enter
5.) Now type 1 and enter
6.) Again type 1 hit enter and after processing type 2 and enter (it takes some minutes)
7.) Press CTRL + D for exit from script

Step 3: Install Metasploit

Now the last step is left..
1.) Type command apt-get install metasploit-framework
2.) Wait can takes upto 40 minutes
3.) After unpacking and setting type my favorite command msfconsole

Yipiee you have now Metasploit in android

It is my first part ..i will back with my second part in we will learn that how can we make payload from Metasploit in android.

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