How To: Find the Source of Any Mysterious Toast Message on Android

Find the Source of Any Mysterious Toast Message on Android

Have you ever received a toast message, but weren't sure where it came from? While usually harmless, sometimes, it can be an indication of the presence of an app long forgotten. But with numerous running background apps, it can be hard to identify the source.

Developer Michal Jakubowkski must have been tired of this as well, because he created a solution. Any toast message that appears can now be logged with the information of the time, the content, and the app which they originated from. Toasts can also be saved to a database locally to be reviewed later at your leisure.

Step 1: Install Toast Source

You will need the app Toast Source to log toast messages. The app is free and can be found in the Play Store.

Step 2: Set Up Toast Message Logging

Open the app and tap "Yes" on the prompt to open your phone's Accessibility menu. On Samsung Galaxy phones, you will also need to select "Installed services" to see the list of apps that have requested this permission. From here, choose "Toast Source Detection Service," enable the toggle, then select "Allow."

Once enabled, return to Toast Source. The service is currently running, but you can make it easier to use with a few configurations. First, enable "Display overlay" (then subsequently the "Appear on top" permission) to show the icon of the app next to all toast messages. You can also make the icon "touchable" by turning on the "Touchable overlay icon" toggle.

Finally, there is "Save to database," which will log all toasts. These toast can be viewed later by selecting "Show saved toasts." This is great if you want to capture a mysterious toast but are unsure of what exactly triggers it.

Step 3: Test It Out

Once a toast message appears, you will receive a notification. This alert will detail the source of the toast message, the icon, as well as the message itself if you missed it. Expand the alert for the three options: "Copy," "App info," and "Launch app."

Additionally, you can view all toasts (if "Save to database" was enabled) by opening Toast Source and choosing "Show saved toasts." Here, you will see a list of all the toast messages delivered to your phone which the app recorded. Use the floating action button in the lower-right corner to filter through the list by date.

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