How To: Disable Read Receipts (Blue Check Marks) in WhatsApp

Disable Read Receipts (Blue Check Marks) in WhatsApp

Sometimes you just don't want people to know that you've read their message. It doesn't mean you hate them or are too cool for them, you just might not want to respond right away. For instance, if you're driving.

Furthermore, many people believe this to be a lapse in privacy. I simply think it's a breach of friend code that causes some unnecessary problems and tension in my beautiful relationships.

Whatever the reasons is, read receipts seem to be in fashion these days, and even WhatsApp recently jumped on board.

What the WhatsApp Check Marks Mean

Previously, senders could only see that a message was sent and received (not read) with gray check marks (aka ticks). So, while you knew the recipient received the message, you could only assume that they read it.

Now, they've added a third indicator—double blue check marks—which specifically state that the recipient has read the messages in WhatsApp. Those blue check marks could mark the end of a friendship. It takes ignoring a message to a whole other level.

How to Disable the Blue Check Marks on Android

Thankfully, due to a bunch of user backlash, WhatsApp has already introduced an option to disable the feature, but it's not available yet in the Google Play Store.

In order to have this option available, you will need to download the most recent Beta version of WhatsApp, which is currently only available for Android users. Head over to WhatsApp's official website, or just download the APK right here. The correct version you want is Version 2.11.444, and you will need Android 2.1 or above. Make sure "Unknown sources" is checked in your device's Security settings to install it.

Once installed, you can now go into the app and head to Settings -> Account -> Privacy and uncheck "Read receipts."

Now you can rest assured that messages sent to you can be read freely without WhatsApp notifying the other party. However, messages read and received inside Groups will still show read receipts, so there is no escaping that.

How to Disable the Blue Check Marks on iPhone

And for my iOS users out there, there is a jailbreak method that can help with this read receipt issue. Jailbreak your iOS 8 device using this super easy method and then install the Cydia tweak "WhatsApp Read Receipt Disabler" from the BigBoss repo.

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