How To: Disable Google Doodle Animations in the Pixel's Search Bar

Disable Google Doodle Animations in the Pixel's Search Bar

I want my Android device to run how I want, and I want it to be useful and positively contribute to my life. Recently, animations have started appearing on the Pixel's search bar when Google has a seasonal Doodle on their front page. It attracts my attention and distracts me from what I think is important. After several days of annoyance, I went on the hunt to turn these animations off.

When I first saw the animations, I thought they were cool, cute, and picturesque. I then noticed they changed frequently, and that made me more frustrated than anything else. Stopping the animations will reduce your home screen interruptions. I am happy they are no longer consuming my energy.

Disabling Pixel Search Bar Animations

Open your phone and go to the home screen. Tap and hold on the search bar at the bottom. When you do this, a small popup will appear. Tap on "Preferences" here, then on the "Searchbox effects" page, find and turn off "Searchbox effects." Now, your Google search bar will no longer show Google Doodle animations!

Cover image and screenshots by Spencer Depas/Gadget Hacks

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