Forum Thread: How to Remove Your Files Finally !

Many Android lovers suffer from some of the files that defies deleted, and these files may occupy much space on the device and it does not have any role on your device, and I personally suffered from 'Thumbnails' file which works to save thumbnails for your photos that you have taken previously.

With "Super Erase" app you will get rid of the files that you don't want it or you don't want get it back, the application works on some algorithms that impose on the android to not restore the file the app is also available on option to clean up the empty space.

The application does not more than 1.7 MB this mean a small app with big effect expressly the application worth the experience for reference, the Application is free but it is available on some paid features as the possibility to get rid of advertising and so..

The application is currently available on the Android system and we are just waiting for another version works on IOS devices

Application Link: Super Erase

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