Forum Thread: Is someone hacking my Android tablet's camera?

Hi, am trying to find out if an Android tablet webcam occasionally flashing, as if it's taken a photo, means that someone you know that is an experienced hacker, has hacked you and taken screen grabs please ?

This question is the result of having had a negative anonymous contact with someone via social media.


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Well, I haven't heard or seen any similar problem.
That is why I can't guarantee anything, I can advise you to install 4 apps:
1) D-valik pro(Notify you when the camera is in use and also block it)
2) Camera Block pro (to block the camera , it is easier to use but notification isn't as good as D-valik)
3) Use an antivirus to check all your apps.
4) See Settings>apps>downloaded , and try to see all downloaded apps.
or Install an app that let you see all apps (visible and invisible)
Currently I can't recall any app for that ,you may look about it on the internet.

If you are still confused restart your phone on safe mode , if even with that your flash camera worked, then sent it to repair.

If not, maybe the best thing is to make backups and make a factory Reset :(

Put tape over the lens on both sides?

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